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Wednesday 12th September

The Implications of Brexit for Public Procurement in the UK

- The short term: What will happen to public procurement under the transition arrangements?

- The longer term: Models for post-Brexit regulation: what are the possible models and how likely are they? 

What are their implications for award procedures, remedies and sustainable procurement?

Value creation and retention

The session covers strategic commercial management, transactional procurement, relational procurement, value delivery and management and critical success factors. It specifically examines the key concept of value creation and retention through the through adoption of the most appropriate and relevant procurement approach in determining supply management relationships. Value in this context is seen as the economic outcome that comes from an exchange relationship.

Additionally, the session considers that the structure and organisation of public sector procurement determines their ability to manage highly complex public sector procurement requirements and that the type of procurement approaches (transactional, relational or a combination of both - mixed) adopted is likely to determine their ability to deliver greater value and also protect the erosion of already created value.

Managing Staff Performance

Join Rashmi Patel to understand the key lessons in managing your team to get the best results.  The session will particularly focus around avoiding conflict, managing difficult staff and recognising early where issues may arise.

The Loughborough Leicester procurement project – collaboration at its best

For the last two years, James has worked as the Head of Procurement for both the University of Leicester and Loughborough University. In this session he explains why and how this arrangement came about, the practicalities of making it work, and the benefits it has realised.

Securing low cost renewable energy supplies on a long-term basis through an effective energy procurement strategy.

Renewable energy generators (windfarms and solar) look for large financially strong consumers to purchase the output from their generation assets for as many years ahead as possible, and we’ll look at the strategies available for HE institutions to be at the head of the queue.

We’ll also cover how to select a suitable intermediary to assist with navigation on what can be a treacherous voyage while avoiding the need to continuously demonstrate value by using market leading and award-winning frameworks.

NEUPC and Sir Robert McAlpine - A unique & collaborative approach to construction procurement

An innovative procurement approach designed to deliver the needs of five universities through a bespoke, efficient and value-driven model. As the NEUPC framework reaches the end of the first year of its eight-year term, the speakers will share both buyer and provider perspective on its development and the collaborative ethos it embodies, reflecting on the lessons learnt and the value delivered to date.

We value your opinion and welcome your input into this interactive session.

Responsible procurement and getting to level five on the Flexible Framework. Group Q&A.  Bring your questions for this Interactive session.

Jonathan, Kevin and Ian will each give you a brief history of their focus on Responsible procurement in their university, their key goals past and present and the things which have enabled them to achieve level 5 on the flexible framework.  The session is then over to you…what would you like to ask? What problems have you experienced in your Institution? What is needed to get to this level?  What are the benefits of investing resource in this area?  This is an open, friendly, conversational session aimed to be less of a presentation and more of a knowledge share, all thoughts and comments welcomed.

Case Law Bitesize

This practical session will look at what's new in procurement law, the impact on education buyers, and what's on the horizon. Led by David Hansom, partner at Clyde & Co, the themes will include: abnormally low tenders; transparency; good tender governance, and Brexit. Attendees will be offered a guide to the practical points to remember at the end of the session.

Communicating the value of your travel programme to academic stakeholders

From airfare savings to travel care and increased business efficiencies, communicating the value of managed travel is an essential ingredient in winning the ‘hearts and minds’ and commitment of the academic community. This session answers ‘what is value?’ and explores best practices in changing attitudes and behaviours.

Resilient Procurement in an Upside Down World

Complete your first day at the HEPA Conference with veteran TED speaker, Eddie Obeng.

Everyone says Eddie's thought provoking & energetic keynotes leave you engaged and enthralled.  His star turns at Thinking Digital, Google Zeitgeist, PopTech and USI have made him a go-to thought leader for understanding and dealing with volatile change, digital opportunities, global re-alignment and the fusion of technology & innovation. 

In this session Eddie will build on the themes of the day, expanding them to first paint a picture of what is happening in the complexity around you.  By re-framing the challenges you face he will then help you consider strategies and concrete actions to take. He will make use of his deep wealth of experience; he will select key concepts and concrete examples for you. Eddie will explain how to transform your people and organisation for success, fast.

Mindfulness – The Mindful Leader

A mindful leader understands how their responses impacts on the performance of their team and the quality of their relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  In today's challenging world of work, it is easy to get caught up in the treadmill of emails, social media, meetings and endless tender report writing.  This session will explore the visible and invisible aspects of leadership and the unseen emotional motivations that drive your performance as a leader when facing these challenges.  We will discuss how positive psychology can help in the development of personal resilience which is increasingly required in the high-pressured roles undertaken by procurement professionals.  The topic will be explored through poetry, meditation and insights into Marks experience of leadership.

Thursday 13th September

Operating inside and outside the EU regulations.  Panel Discussion. Bring your questions!

Over the last couple of years HEPA has provided a range of resources on the subject of Universities as contracting authorities.  Bringing together real life examples join Caroline, Bahar and Mark who will present their experiences, answer questions and discuss, with the audience the variety of implications for institutions of managing procurement “in and out” of the regulations.

Procurement Value Survey and the Procurement Performance Indicators (EMM/BPI’s)

In this session Larissa will introduce the new version of the EMM – The “Procurement Value Survey” – PVS.  You will learn about the changes made and why and have the opportunity to ask questions on the new structure.  Additionally, you will see how HEPA has considered your feedback regarding the BPIs and be introduced to the new Procurement Practice Indicators (PPI’s), again with an opportunity to discuss in a group environment

Helping you develop your Modern Slavery Statement and the strategy behind it

This session will focus on how to prepare a Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement in compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency in Supply Chains provision. It will go beyond the formal elements of it to discuss the strategic changes that organisations can consider and how to implement due diligence in their procurement. It will be based on the research the Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group (University of Greenwich) has conducted on the first two years of reporting by universities

NEUPC and Sir Robert McAlpine - A unique & collaborative approach to construction procurement

An innovative procurement approach designed to deliver the needs of five universities through a bespoke, efficient and value-driven model. As the NEUPC framework reaches the end of the first year of its eight-year term, the speakers will share both buyer and provider perspective on its development and the collaborative ethos it embodies, reflecting on the lessons learnt and the value delivered to date.

We value your opinion and welcome your input into this interactive session

What Blockchain can do for the Procurement Industry

In this session, the new Blockchain technology is introduced in a very simple language and its potential applications are discussed. With focusing on supply chain management and procurement industry, some of the main features such as smart contracts, linked automated payments mechanisms, and process traceability are explained. With a practical approach, the presenter discusses the maturity of the blockchain technology at the moment, available products in market, the infrastructure and investment needed to implement the technology, and the potential benefit that could be expected. This session is intended to provide necessary knowledge to help with strategic decision-makers and will not have detail discussions to address all technological curiosity about this technology.

The incumbent bidder and the 'unfair' advantage

The UK's highly developed outsourcing market means that many institutions have second or third generation contracts, with long-established incumbent contractors. How should institutions manage the risk of unfair advantage to the incumbent, information provision and risks of challenge from new market entrants?  What flexibilities exist to encourage new bidders and to reduce barriers to entry? David Hansom of Clyde & Co will look at the practical issues in the law, case law and guidance.

The Procurement Apprenticeship

NEUPC are the leading provider of Procurement Apprenticeships to the HE Sector and possibly has the largest number of L4 Procurement apprentices amongst UK CIPS study centres. This workshop will give a quick overview of the current apprenticeships available and those currently in development, but will largely be an opportunity to ask those niggling questions on operating apprenticeships and how they can support development in the workplace

Are you doing enough to care for your people travelling to (un)safe environments?

We need to ensure academic travellers are supported when travelling in volatile as well as traditionally safe environments. Duty of Care has been high on the agenda but is it high enough? Research indicates there’s some way to go but the pace is quickening. This session will help you identify where you are on the journey.

How can Procurement deliver strategic value?

During this session, Tina will:

  • Share insights of procurement drivers, practices, success factors and challenges gathered from her recent MBA research with some of the sector’s procurement influencers, leaders, practitioners and senior stakeholders
  • Introduce two of her own business models that can be applied to understand perspectives and to establish procurement priorities within our own organisations
  • Encourage attendees to reflect on how procurement within our own organisations delivers strategic value and to explore opportunities for improvement

Finding the Value in Value Chain Footprinting (efficient creation of models/processes which drive and track reductions)  

There are many ways to produce Value Chain Footprints – learn from the Carbon Trust’s 6 years of experience with many leading companies around the world, about finding the optimal solution for your specific situation – specifically higher education establishments, but drawing on experience from many sectors. Learn what methods do and don’t result in the efficient creation of maintainable value chain models, which can meet your business/reputational needs, and which place understanding of the model within your own control. Learn how to ensure models have sufficient specificity and accuracy to enable the reporting, target setting, reduction action enablement and tracking required to deliver business value, but without excessive time/costs. Finally, learn how can scenario planning, uncertainty analysis, re-baselining, and reporting to CDP can be layered into the model as required in a simple manner.

New Tools to Identify and Deliver Value for Money in Procurement

Do you know how much your institution spends with suppliers? How well defined are your procurement performance measures? Do you know which sector tools are available to help you identify and deliver value for money? Join experts from the nationally recognised Procurement Shared Service (PSS) as they discuss these questions and provide an overview of the new PMA+ tool, Value-for-Money in Procurement tool and project-based consultancy support available to help you drive procurement improvement at your institution.

Innovations in Purchase Visibility with Amazon Business

Many procurement professionals have short-term pain points controlling spend in a decentralised purchasing environment and managing contractual and financial risk to their organisation, some of which Amazon has created or exacerbated – but that Amazon can also now help solve. These range from enforcing approval processes for end users who often go ‘rogue’ to Amazon; to bringing purchasing through the Amazon Marketplace through a consistent punch-out process to maximise purchase efficiency; to opening up the Amazon catalogue for end users that do not hold a P-Card.

This session will discuss opportunities in adding Amazon to an organisation’s overall spend strategy, best practices for designing and implementing financial controls to gain visibility into Amazon purchases, and a view into other organisations’ approaches for streamlining the purchasing process and improving operational efficiencies.

Key Emotional Intelligence skills to make your life easier

You are using emotional intelligence every minute of the day. Not just the working day. The good news is that you can work on your EQ long after the IQ ship has sailed. The bad news is it does not come easy, but nothing worth doing ever does.

This fast-paced, entertaining  session will motivate you to get on with some serious behaviour change as it whizzes through the key emotional intelligence skills leaders display that make them more influential, visible, assertive and articulate.

Better personal and professional relationships all round. What’s not to like?   








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