The Higher Education Procurement Academy (HEPA) is the sector’s solution to the challenge set out in the Diamond Report for the enhancement of expertise and capacity in university procurement. HEPA's objective is to become a centre of excellence to advance professional procurement in UK universities, built with the sector for the sector.

The Academy will:

  • Work to enhance individual competencies, knowledge and skills in procurement practices including face to face courses, e-learning, regional networking, competency frameworks, and much more
  • Provide leadership development programmes and learning opportunities
  • Develop and maintain an online repository of information encompassing, but not limited to, best practice, benchmarking, templates, and news
  • Provide procurement support beyond finance and procurement teams, including for procurement colleagues in HR, estates, IT, research teams and those with purchasing authority in academic departments.
To find out more about HEPA, please contact the BUFDG office. Alternatively, you can meet the HEPA team by visiting the Contact Us page, and also find out who is on the HEPA Management Board.

HEPA is supported and delivered collaboratively by BUFDG and the HE purchasing consortia, including:



  • The regional HE purchasing consortia, which includes:

           - Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges


           - Higher Education Purchasing Consortium, Wales


           - London Universities Purchasing Consortium


           - North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium


           - North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium


           - Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium



HEPA’s CPD training programme forms part of each consortium’s regular training offer to their members, although members and purchasers are welcome to attend any of the training courses in Leeds, Manchester or London.

It is also specifically aimed at purchasers either new to Procurement or from disciplines outside (eg- purchasers in Estates, IT etc).Participation in the Academy will lead to better educated, more commercially competent and motivated staff involved in procurement throughout the Higher Education sector. This will enable those staff to conduct better business and deliver goods and services to universities, and ultimately the HE sector, at lower cost and with higher value.

To find out more about HEPA, please contact the BUFDG office. Alternatively, you can meet the HEPA team by visiting the Contact Us page.

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