New to H E Procurement

Welcome to procurement in the higher education sector! HEPA is here to help you settle in, learn your way around the lingo, increase your knowledge and skills, and make connections with fellow procurement professionals across the sector.

Our website is a treasure trove of useful content and training which is constantly being updated and added to, but we want to point you to some of the content you might find most useful when you first join the sector. There are plenty more valuable areas of our website, so please have a browse as well as checking out some of these areas that might be of most help early on.

First up is our invaluable list of most (we could never claim all!) of the many acronyms you’ll come across, and our useful list of all the associations we are aware of in higher education. If you find any acronyms or associations not on these lists, please let us know. And if you come across terminology that you don’t understand, we also have a glossary which might help (if the term you’re looking up isn’t there, let us know so we can add it).



Learning and Development

You can find out more about lots of H E procurement topics by taking some of our e-learning courses, or booking onto one of our events (including frequent, free webinars – and you can also look through our webinar archive full of useful topics). You can even sign up to find a mentor using our mentoring scheme.


You can find the latest H E procurement news here on our website, and you can sign up for our the BUFDG Digest, or other specialist newsletters, on your profile.

Knowledge Hub

You can delve further into different specialist areas of H E procurement by visiting the various pages of the Knowledge Hub.

We are always happy to here from members, and if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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